Boise by Burns FAQ:

May I get copies of the photos?  

Yes, we are offering prints for purchase.  These prints will match the quality of the digital image shown on the website, with no finished artwork.   At this time we are concentrating on scanning negatives and adding files to the database.  


Why do some photographs have more information about them then others?

All information comes from original entries on the negative file.  Some files were hard to decipher or damaged during storage and information was lost.  Some information has been supplied by a viewer or family member.  We encourage comments! Register today or login as a user to leave your comment.


Why do some pictures have rough or crooked edges?

Prints or negatives have been scanned to their edges so that you can see the entire picture. When a print is made, the rough edges will be cropped out. 


May I use pictures from the website in a school project?

Yes.  Boise by Burns welcomes students and teachers to use pictures and information from this website for school projects.   Please give credit to Boise by Burns when you use our images.  See the Terms and Conditions page for more information.


Does Boise by Burns accept donations?

Yes, but we are not a non-profit organization.  The expense of archiving and development of the website is costly and donations are appreciated.


I had my picture taken at The Burns Studio, but cannot find my name in the data base.  Where is it?

We have started with the early files and are working our way forward to the later files.  If we have passed the date you were in the studio, your file may have been damaged over the years and may not be available.


What is the best way to search for a photograph?

Searching by a name is the best way to find a family portrait.   There are also keywords such as, “men”, “women”, “buildings”, “special events”, which will help you find categories of interest.


May I see more of the collection in person?

No.  At this time, the Boise by Burns Historical Collection is not available for public viewing; the collection is being organized and catalogued. Material will be regularly added to the website, so please visit again.


Can I call the Burns Studio for information?

No. The Burns Studio is separate from Boise by Burns.  Please use the contact information on the Boise by Burns website.


How do I get my picture off of the website?

Not every negative in the collection will be scanned.  If you search the database and want to order a scanned image, that image will automatically be added to the website.  At the time you order an image to be scanned, use the comment section to ask that the picture not be added to the website.  You may also email us.